“Lovely Amino Acid Lumps”

Natural products are amazing for so many reasons. They highlight the intrinsic magic within nature to help heal, promote health, and nourish the human body. Its as if these plants were put here with a purpose. However, you feel about this it is truly astonishing how much we can find in nature to help make our lives better.

Premium CBD ProductsRye’s CBD products focus on keeping true to natural products and ingredients by formulating specifically with them. Our CBD Balm is no exception. In doing so we have a lumpy texture to our balm. BUT WHY?! Well it’s the science of nature. Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter have certain Fatty Amino Acids which have varying melting points. These acids are prime components in many of the benefits your skin receives when using these ingredients. When they melt and are allowed to cool over a long period of time those acids will solidify at different times and bind forming lumps.

NOT A PROBLEM! These Lovely Amino Acid Lumps will melt at skin temperature and provide the same buttery results they would prior to consolidating. In fact, these lumps are just a testament to how natural our product really is. This process happens anytime you use quality Shea or Cocoa Butter unless you add non-natural ingredients to counter act the lumps. We thought long and hard about how we wanted to approach this and decided it best to stay true to our form and keep it natural. For those who wish to have a smooth creamy texture to their products don’t fret we are thinking of you and already have a product in the pipeline to cater to your needs. As we grow and expand our product line we will have something to take care of that desire. Until then please use our #BOMBBALM knowing that it is #TimeTestedMassageTherapistApproved and loaded with a bounty of benefits your skin can use from head to toe.

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