About Us

Ryan and Julie Bowman

Rye’s CBD was started by Ryan and Julie Bowman.

Ryan and Julie have been Certified Massage Therapists for over 30 years combined. Their experience has helped them derive a formula of natural ingredients that combine to effectively assist in most skin ailments. Ryan has been involved in the Cannabis and CBD industry for over 5 years.

In that time, he has participated in building different business ventures at varying levels. After a 2-year stint building up another CBD Business Brand he parted ways with the business. From those ashes rose Rye’s CBD. Like a phoenix spreading its wings the flames of passion for the industry were no longer held back. A goal of building a synergistic community of customers and giving them access to education about how CBD can help them. How CBD can also be enhanced with other natural ingredients that benefit each other through something referred to as the “Entourage Effect”. Ryan’s time in the CBD industry is only elevated by his long career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Sharing his knowledge, experience and perspective through Rye’s CBD, Ryan looks to help build a trusting brand that provides high-quality CBD products that give you the best mother nature has to offer.

All the ingredients in Rye’s CBD products are “Time tested; mother nature approved”. Meaning they are naturally derived, historically proven to have helpful benefits for your skin and aim to nurture your skin. Please join us in spreading the awareness to others about the high-quality products we offer which are good for any member of your family.

“I was just hoping for a little relief from the pain, I got that and more! Skeptic turned believer.”

Diane R.

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