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I was blessed enough to have been gifted a sample of Rye’s CBD Balm to see if it might help calm my psoriasis.

I have struggled with psoriasis my whole life and the medical options (steroid cream or toxic injectables) had more side effects than benefits. The balm smells really nice and in no way strong.

For those who suffer from psoriasis, we struggle with the itch and the tight feeling of the skin. Instantly upon application, there was relief. You want to give it a minute to be absorbed but it really doesn’t take long and the effects continue to last.

I went from having full red patches (6 inches each in diameter) to small mostly skin coloured patches in about a month or so. It also doesn’t take much to cover a wide area and so my jar has lasted and lasted! I got curious and so also began using it as a lip balm, I highly recommend that!

Lastly, I also suffer from perioral dermatitis. Very painful and very embarrassing. The standard psoriasis treatments, actually CAUSE perioral dermatitis as I have now discovered. I decided to try the balm on that, as part of my nightly routine (and if no makeup required, in the day as well) and after two times, I have not had another big flare up!

Thank you Rye’s CBD! Finally some relief!
– Brynna, Washington State

“Rye’s Up Bergamot Black Pepper CBD Balm is great. A little goes a long way. It is moisturizing, but not too heavy or oily. This balm speeds the healing process for burns, cracked and dry skin, bug bites, and sore muscles. It’s my go-to balm for migraine relief – it takes the edge off of the intense pain. As someone who has tried, and made many of my own CBD salves, I can say that this one ranks as the most versatile by far. “
– Erin Belsvik – Bellingham, WA

“It’s nice to come across something in a lifetime that out exceeds what they say it will do, it does much more than what I thought it could do. This stuff has healed me from aches and pains, cuts, bruising, and so much more it’s crazy. Bottom line go get some and try it you’ll love it and you will become a repeat user.

Can also be found at: RonisRomanticRoom.com

Thank you for making this wonderful product.”
– Wayne Peluso

“I have used this product for almost anything from burns, bites, bruising, inflammation and much more.
This product speaks for itself. It is a medicine cabinet must have…

I not only use this product, it's so good I also sell it at RonisRomanticRoom.com
– Roni Peluso

“Excellent CBD line. As a physical therapist, I’ve used and recommended CBD in our State for conservative pain management. Rye’s is pure, and much more than just CBD, it soothes dry skin.

FYI it’s perfect for moisturizing the skin around the ankles and feet. It’s great for the plantar fascia.

I have the Bergamot Black Pepper balm. Love it.”
– Mark Jamantoc, Physical Therapist

“I am very impressed with your CBD salve. The ingredients are top notch, the scent is perfect (I have the rosewood geranium). I tried it first on myself, on some fresh nettle stings and a cut on my finger that was a bit inflamed. Both were soothed after 2 applications. I then tried it on a massage client who was experiencing severe neck pain.

While it’s impossible for me to know how much her improvement was from the massage and how much from your product, I do think your CBD salve had an impact. Thank you so much for creating such a quality healing product!”
– Michele Morrissey, LMT

“This stuff is magic. Aching muscles and joints? Soothed. Dry and peeling skin? Hydrated all day. Wrinkles? Silky smooth. This balm does it all.

I’m a massage therapist and used this to help hydrate my hands after repeated washing and sanitation. Using this just once a week has turned my dry and peeling hands into silk gloves and helped to reduce the stiffness in my hands after a long week of work. After experiencing the medicinal effects on my hands, I used it on my forehead for a sunburn. Immediately the pain was gone and a soothing sensation was all that was left. It cleared up my acne for a wedding and I can’t wait to find out what else it’s good for.”
– Spencer Belsvik, LMT

“I recommend Rye’s CBD wholeheartedly because it smells great, it’s fast working, it has well thought out wholesome ingredients, and it absorbs quickly. I love all the ingredients and as a massage therapist I appreciate the smoothness of its whipped texture for application. I experience aches and pains from my work as well as outdoor extracurricular activities that I use the Bergamot Black Pepper for to relieve inflammation and soreness.

I also experience dry skin and rosacea on my face and the Geranium Rosewood works great for keeping it minimized. I’m glad to have this product available to me and I love everything this company stands for.”
Julez – Bellingham, WA

“Recently I contracted shingles. At the urging of my daughter I decided to try Rye’s CBD Balm . I applied it twice a day and after a couple of days the rash and itch down my arm disappeared. I was left with a few blisters and rash on my finger and those dried up a couple of days later.

I was just hoping for a little relief from the pain, I got that and more! Skeptic turned believer.”
– Diane R.

“When my physical therapist recommended CBD oil for my knee injury, I was skeptical. But I chose this product for its high-quality ingredients and pleasant, mild fragrance. The next day, I applied it and forgot about it. An hour later, during my slow daily rehab walk, my knee felt so much better, and I wondered: why the sudden improvement? Then I remembered: the balm!

Could it be the reason why? I experimented going forward, and on the days I used Rye’s CBD balm, my knee felt so much better. Now every day is a CBD day. This product really works—in my case, dramatically.”
– Liz W.

“I met Ryan at a recent event booth in Vegas September 2022. He gave me a sample of the CBD cream for my arthritic thumbs. In less than 4 minutes it relieved the pain! I bought two jars from him, one for me & one for my daughter.

I have used it on my sore knee recently & received the same pain relief that lasts for hours. I have never used a product like this before. I highly suggest you give it a try. I love the smell of the Bergamot Black Pepper as you rub it in. Ryan is the real deal, a passionate business owner who cares about his customers.”
– Jennifer H.

“My middle finger on my right hand has been locking up and I have to use my other hand to straighten it back out. I believe it is called trigger finger. I was given a jar of Rye’s Up CBD balm to see if this would help. I’m so excited it has helped, immensely. I put Rye’s Up on my finger and on the joint on my hand at bedtime. Then when I wake up in the morning my hand works great. In fact, it works so great that I forget about applying it, every night. I have found I need to apply it at least 3 times a week. I know if I could remember to apply it every night for a month it would be healed.

This CBD balm is amazing, if something aches it gets Rye’s Up CBD Balm. It goes right into my skin, getting into the places of inflammation. Plus, it’s not greasy. I love this stuff. My favorite scent is Geranium Rosewood. I highly recommend Rye’s Up if you have aches and pains, that you want gone.”
– J. Bernard Mac, Lac – Tacoma, WA

“I’ve been using Rye’s Rise Up CBD balm for a few months now and I love it! I’m a quadriplegic with nerve pain in a few parts of my body and using this takes it away fast and stays away for a few days! I don’t have to take high doses of Tylenol anymore which can be dangerous and that alone is worth it! Thanks Rye!”
– Ken Scott – Bellingham, WA

“When using Rye’s CBD, what I did was use some on one side of my body and my regular lotion of the other side to see if I would be able to notice anything…. well I could definitely tell a difference. The side that I used the product on felt more relax. It’s a great product. I used the majority of it on my left leg and foot, my leg felt so freaking relaxed!”
– Kelishia K