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Rye’s CBD is dedicated to delivering high quality products that use “Time Tested; Mother Nature Approved Ingredients!”

With years of wisdom from Massage Therapy we have specifically formulated our products to focus on boosting the Endocannabinoid System using plant-based ingredients that synergistically work to give the highest level of results. Here we avoid filler ingredients and provide you with a full array of active affective nourishment for your skin. All our scents are formulated with Essential Oils (no chemical fragrences). This makes our CBD Balm more then just something you turn to for Pain management and more like a “Swiss Army Knife For Your Skin!”

Outside of providing top shelf topical products that “Alleviate with Application” we want to “Elevate with Education” by providing you access to information about the WHY and HOW of Cannabinoids in general. For starters CBD is only one of over 100 Cannabinoids and all of them have shown to work together to provide higher levels of results. This is called the Entourage Effect by researchers. So here at Rye’s CBD we make sure to source Top Quality Full Spectrum CBD that includes the other Cannabinoids.

BUT… that’s not all. We are passionate about how we “Strengthen with Community!” by bringing our customers, partners, and educators together. Through social media, community activities, opportunities to help earn money through our Affiliate Marketing Program and more to come. We all are better together, and our actions will establish a base for you to believe in moving forward.

Enjoy the website. Please take a moment to read, watch, or listen to the Testimonials. Look through our Blog. Ask us questions and make suggestions. You are a part of this, and we will listen. That is how we will Ryes Up Better as a company so that we can continue to provide you with the best CBD topicals on the market for you to Ryes Up Better also.


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– Rye and Julez Bow


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“This stuff is magic. Aching muscles and joints? Soothed. Dry and peeling skin? Hydrated all day. Wrinkles? Silky smooth. This balm does it all.”

Spencer Belsvik, LMT

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