What Will We Leave Behind?

There is a philosophy called the Seventh-generation principle which speaks of how our decisions should impact the future. It is based on an ancient Haudenosaunee (Iroquois)* philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. Here at Rye’s CBD, we look to our past for wisdom from our elders and many generations behind so that we are making the best use of their efforts to provide a better world for us. We then take our own efforts and add to what they left us to keep the cycle moving forward constantly improving.

For decades we allowed our economic ambitions to blind us to the consequences of our actions. Leading to pollution, economic disparity, deterioration of our infrastructure, and high levels of division amongst the people. This current cycle can not be what we look to leave behind for our future when we know better. We can leave lessons of accountability, love, unity, sustainability, and compassion.

Rye’s CBD aims to Ryes Up out of this decline in our responsibilities to future generations by creating a culture that applies the Seventh-generation principle to our company when and where we can. Keeping in mind we must maintain company growth to establish our presence and carry on this mission at times we understand choices might need to be made that are not inline with these principles. Such as our packaging options. We are looking at creative options to package our CBD Balm that are price effective and ecologically conscious. Unfortunately, right now those options are out of our reach but once that changes, we will make that change.

With so many CBD brands emerging and many of them having subpar standards for quality Rye’s CBD aims to stand above them with transparency and results. We aim to be the trusted brand that generations to come can rely on and trust. With your support of our products, we can leave behind a brand that caters to their health needs in a way that is honest, transparent, and effective. Sharing the wisdom of generations before us and building on that with new formulations and products that enhance what was.

Like a Phoenix we Ryes Up from the ashes of our past forging forward with the wisdom before, innovating in the present, before returning to ash and leaving new improved wisdom to pass on. Join us as we build a brand focused on paying homage to our past and leaving behind something worthy of our future generations to come.

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