Our Approach to CBD

Rye’s CBD was started by 2 seasoned massage therapists. Over 30 years combined professional experience in the Massage world exposed us to wisdom which we pass on to you through our products.

We specially formulated using ayurvedic theory which we had used in our therapies. This allowed us to see the full potential of working with the Entourage Effect which comes from Full Spectrum CBD oils. Understanding the spa experience is a full body event we wanted our product to encapsulate that feeling. It couldn’t just feel smooth and provide great results; it needs to smell fantastic and give a calming appeal to the senses.

We use our proprietary blends of natural essential oils to harmoniously balance the fragrance to appeal to your sense of smell. These blends are not just for show though. We took time to make sure the essential oils being used would also provide benefits to add to the already abundant properties of the Balm. Our Essential Oil (ESO) blends have mood enhancing properties to address your mental health along with topical properties to increase the already powerful affects you will receive from the base balm.

As we move forward with our mission to provide high quality CBD products to you, we will continue to put in the time and effort to assure they are naturally lined up to provide the most possible benefits for your health. While we Ryes Up to our full line of products your input and feedback will be vital to keep us inline with our mission to “Strengthen with community”. Our success will be a joint effort which we won’t let fail. Thank you for your time reading this and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best always,

Ryan Bowman
Rye’s CBD

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  1. We bought the 125 mg of cbd balm yesterday in Bellingham at your booth.
    My husband has had a sore knuckle on his right hand for a month.He put the cream on before bed and
    again in the morning.He is amazed, the pain is gone !
    So glad we tried your product.
    John and Julie Bowen

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