Happy Birthday to Rye’s CBD!

As we reflect into the ashes of our past 2 years, we are so proud. Our community has grown, and we have learned from our mistakes while relishing our victories. As we again Ryes Up into our 3rd year of business we aim to tackle new challenges and continue to develop our assets.

This past year we brought on Trisha Dawn Messick (Aspiring Professional Endurance and Long-Distance Athlete). Trisha was a delight to meet at the Tough Mudder Seattle event we attended in September. Already a sponsored athlete with Tough Mudder we were so excited to be able to bring her into our community to strengthen together on our journey. We look forward to having front row access to her success.

Kayden Hicks joins the community along with her gym Pure Fitness Martial Arts and fight promoter Legendary Fight Promotions. Kayden is a fierce competitor who shows incredible fortitude and energy. We are deeply honored to have her representing us as she makes her way to Ryes Up the ranks.

We have done our best to represent the community and our collective image by volunteering 2-3 days a week at local non-profits in Whatcom County. As many of you know we are very excited about any chance we have to work with Growing Veterans. We get a chance to go out to their Lynden, WA farm and engage in some dirt therapy, growing organic produce that is then delivered to local charities. The farm doubles as a place for Veterans, as well as others can come to receive community and peer to peer support. This is exactly what we mean by “We strengthen with community!”

Wildbird Charity is a relatively new part of our community. Their mission is to help school children who are dealing with food insecurity. So typically, Thursday morning from 830-10 AM we are able to go and help pack non-perishable bags of food for the children to take home on the weekends when they are away from the Free Lunch System at school. This work is bittersweet and only a moment of awareness to what needs to be fixed. We must do more in the years to come.

Our creative asset and community member Bellingham Makerspace allows us to exchange time sweeping and mopping the floors 2-4 times a month for access to their magic. Their space is open for creatives to explore their imagination and grow their talents. 3D print machines, Lazer engravers, computer programs, electronics department, sewing department, Full wood shop with all the gadgets you need. This collective gives people a place to really put their creativity to the task solving problems or just bringing joy and beauty alive.

Our future is exciting to look forward to because of all of you in our community. Julez and I truly appreciate all of you for your support and just for who you are. We will always do our best to make sure our products’ quality and usefulness are matched by our efforts to do good with our actions. Thank you again for your time, patronage, and support.

– Rye & Julez

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