GUEST BLOG – Dr. Jake Felice: The Impact of CBD and THC Ratios on Anxiety and Paranoia

Do you struggle with understanding Cannabis and what dose you should take to acquire the desired effects? Let Dr. Jake Felice help you find ways to understand your proper dosage and acquire those desired results without the paranoia or anxiety.

A study conducted by the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychology and Neuroscience found that using CBD with THC in cannabis reduced feelings of paranoia and anxiety while maintaining the positive subjective effects of the head high.

Cannabis users were randomly allocated to consume one of three different types:
1) A THC-dominant type (24% THC, 1% CBD)
2) A balanced THC and CBD type (9% THC, 10% CBD)
3) A CBD-dominant type (1% THC, 23% CBD).

The study allowed participants to use their assigned strain as desired and analyzed their responses before, immediately after, and one-hour post-consumption.

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