GUEST BLOG – Dr. Jake Felice: Cannabis’s Role in the Management of Frontotemporal Dementia

Dr. Jake Felice does it again – bringing you up to date research on how Cannabinoids can help aid your health as you age. Our memories are precious and important to the joy that comes with everyday life. This article will highlight ways in which Cannabinoids have shown to benefit the body in response to Dementia.

Cannabis’s Role in the Management of Frontotemporal Dementia

A case series of patients with frontotemporal dementia showed reduced anxiety and improved mood with cannabis.

People with behavioral variants of this type of dementia struggle with big changes in how they act and feel, making it hard for them to get along with others and handle everyday tasks.

They face profound challenges in managing drastic personality changes, impulsivity, and socially inappropriate behaviors.

The patients in this case series all had this particular behavioral variant despite typical pharmacologic management.

They were prescribed cannabis for comorbidities (anxiety, insomnia and pain).

The studies, authors stated: “In all cases, use of cannabinoid products showed significant improvements in behavior and the primary indication for prescription.”

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