Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

When was it discovered?
It was officially discovered in the early to mid-1990’s.

Who discovered it?
Primary research was being done by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam who had been researching Cannabis since the 1960’s. He is known as the “Father of Cannabis Research” and to us is a Rock Star!

What is it?
It’s a cellular communication system that regulates your body’s responses.

Where is it?
It’s located throughout your entire body. CB1 Receptors are located mainly in your central nervous system, while CB2 Receptors are located throughout your peripheral system and organs.

Why is it important?
This system operates as a vital part of our bodies regulation process. It is vital to maintaining homeostasis (Balance) within the hormonal and cellular responses. This one system is connected to nearly all bodily functions and thus connected to dysfunctions as well. A healthy ECS may provide improved bodily responses to illness.

How do we use it?
Like most systems within the body, it requires us to choose what we fuel it with. We are what we eat after all. Even more so with the ECS. As research progresses, we are finding that numerous homeopathic ideologies are supported by the fact that the ECS interacts with these natural plant compounds. Clove, Black Pepper, Dark Chocolate, Echinacea, Eggs, Carrots, Avocado and many more foods, herbs and spices all have been found to have synergistic compounds which enhance the ECS. Our body makes Endogenous Cannabinoids known as 2-AG and Anandamide. The human body has shown to have enhanced production of these with a healthy living style incorporating exercise, meditation, and using plant-based cannabinoids. Currently the most prevalent known plant for this is the Cannabis plant.

Bellingham CBD Products

Miscellaneous information we want you to be aware of when looking into this space.

The ECS is a highly complex system which we still don’t know enough about. Using CBD products seems to be the new fad which people are flocking to help with PAIN MANAGEMENT. This is but one part of the ECS and what CBD is used for. Be sure to understand what the expectations should be so you don’t pass over something that is very essential for your overall health just because it doesn’t give you instant or magical results. We are Rye’s CBD like to think of Cannabinoids as nutrients. Just like a vitamin your body needs these to operate effectively and PREVENT illness. We believe incorporating this into your daily life in whichever means you choose will have positive long-lasting results which you might never have to understand luckily by preventing illness from ever occurring. Through regulating your bodily defenses more rapidly and effectively you can avoid ever knowing the pain of illness to come.

Currently the market is focused on CBD in a few forms. When choosing to make sure you know where the Cannabis is from, what form of Cannabis it is (Hemp or Marijuana), what processing has been done.

Where the Cannabis is from is very important. Many countries don’t have regulations on growing. Cannabis is a natural detoxifying plant for the soil. Thus, what is in the soil is easily transferred to the plant. You don’t want pesticides, contaminants, or toxins in your product.

What form of Cannabis is also something to consider. Hemp derived CBD from the United States will be sure to have less than .3% THC assuring you of little to no psychotropic effects. While Marijuana will have much higher THC content typically. This is not to say Marijuana based CBD products don’t have their place medicinally, it is just wise to know what you are buying and what is to be expected.

CBD Isolate
This form is a highly processed form of CBD. One in which they have altered the plant to bring you specific compounds. Recently the market has seen the rise of Delta 8 or 9, CBDA, CBGA, and so on. These isolated compounds are but one part of the family of Cannabinoids and lack the full array of benefits shown from having them together.

Broad Spectrum CBD
This form is a less processed form of CBD in which the THC specifically is removed from the product to lessen the psychoactive effects. While being much more effective in fueling your entire ECS this leaves out a crucial component in the THC.

Full Spectrum CBD
This form involves all the compounds found within the Cannabis plant. A term coined “The Entourage Effect” has been given to full spectrum products due to the apparent ability for the full array of compounds to work synergistically together to enhance the effects of each other. Therefore, Rye’s CBD chooses to primarily focus on this form of CBD in products so that our customers get the most benefits we can provide.

There is still so much to be researched about this VITAL system. We hope this helped Ryes Up your understanding of it and we look forward to helping provide you with high quality options for products now and into the future. Please feel free to reach out to us and let us hear your feedback. We appreciate your perspectives and know that we are stronger for them.

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