Drug Testing

Rye’s CBD hears your concerns, and understands you need to be cautious when it comes to your income. So when we heard people interested in our product but reluctant to use it because of possible issues with Drug Testing, we decided to take action.

Julez and Rye regularly use Rye’s CBD for numerous reasons, so it is constantly on their skin. We wanted to prove that our product wouldn’t have you fail even the most rigid of Urine Tests. We set Julez up with a Department of Transportation Urinalysis Test, which measures down to the smallest amount possible. As you can see in the video, we used a full ½ oz 125 mg Lavender Tea Tree jar on Julez’s body. We then waited 2 hours before going to the test.

We were confident that the results would be clean because we understand the science behind our product. What really alarmed us though was the fact we couldn’t find one example of any other company doing this. Not one single CBD Topical company has taken their product to the test to show you results. Well, we did, and we are proud to show you we passed with flying colors.

There is still so much education that is needed before we can assure the safety of using our products and avoiding ignorance about the product. We hope these steps we have taken can enlighten the decision makers to accept the reality that our topicals are readily available to help aid people in their times of need while not impairing their ability to perform. So that we can have people using Rye’s CBD Balm instead of Pharmaceutical options which are known to impair ability. It just seems like common sense and the right thing to do.

Please reach out with any questions you might have and know that we hear you, we care about you, and we will Ryes Up Better Together!

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