Cannabinoid Receptors, Skin, and why a Full Spectrum CBD Topical might be right for you!

This is an article that talks about the subject matter in a very high language level. Basics of this article are that your skin is loaded with Cannabinoid Receptors and cells that specifically interact with Cannabinoids to translate homeostatic function of all kinds. Whether it is to regulate pain, inflammation, irritation (itchiness), hair follicles, or sweat secretions. These responses from the body are kept in balance more efficiently when you skin is fueled with the proper nutrition to execute the functions.

While the research is very early, the things we have learned are very hopeful for those who have long suffered from skin disease or general discomfort. Through regular regimented use of natural ingredients there might be a path for you to Ryes Up better!

Give the article a read and if you have any questions let us know and we will take time to chat about it with you.

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